Running as emulator

So I recently installing Genymotion. It's also a emulator but It's seems got disconnect at 20% loading. I know aiStarter has inbuild emulator but it's really slow. It's too slow that I need to wait 20 - 40 minute to building my app. It's a way to connect it?

If you would like to try a more lightweight solution, install Memu Play. I use it constantly and never had a problem.

This comment indicates you have a larger problem than the emulator. Most apps build within a minute when using either Companion + a device or the provided emulator. Tell us a little bit about your app and someone might have a specific recommendation.

Here are some things to consider:

  • look at your Internet connection. Are you using a fast connection or not?
  • look at the number of blocks in your Project, do you have a huge number, perhaps 4 to 7 thousand? or lots of mp3 or large images not 'right' sized?
  • is this a recent issue? The MIT server is experiencing high usage loads. For some users, building code takes longer than a month or so ago.
  • if you can build using a real device as an option, why are you still using an emulator? Emulators, by their nature are slow compared to using a real Android device.

You do not use the emulator to compile (build the app); you do not need an emulator to do that.
If you are live testing with the emulator, you can ameliorate the problem by building 'in the blind', not using the emulator at all when you code changes that change your screen appearance. The slowest part of emulation with App Inventor is redrawing all the graphics.

My Internet Speed Connection is fast. 5 ping, 20.68 Mbps download and 5.10 Mbps upload. You can check here: Speedtest by Ookla - The Global Broadband Speed Test

It's 676 Blocks and there no mp3 file. Just 1 file and it's icon for my app

No, that's happend when I'm creating new app

I have old Android but the battery is damage so the battery drain faster that usual. I can connect as USB cable but the computer keep disconnecting and connecting and I did'n even touch the cable

When I install an alternative emulator, I have to worry about:

  • Do I have to copy adb.exe from the emulator directory to the aistarter/commands directory?
  • Which .companion apk file do I need to run on it?
    • AI2Companion.apk
    • emulator.apk
  • Which Connect sequence do I use to the Companion?
    • Emulator
    • USB
    • Companion
  • Which checkbox setting (WebRTC/http) connect technology) from the companion works?

What does Memu Play require?

A simple app with a small image should take less than 60 seconds to 'load'. Is 20 - 40 minute corrrect, or do you mean 20 - 40 seconds? 20 to 40 seconds is reasonable for an emulator.

I would :

  • Plug your old Android into its charger and use the Companion to connect to the device.

  • You have a moderately fast Internet. A possible issue is the slow response by the MIT server. You should get better response with the Companion.

  • even though you have only one image. How large is the image file size? What are the dimensions (pixels)? the image could be the problem. Take it out of the Project and see whether you get an improvement in performance. If the app works better; use a smaller image file.

The MIT Server has been performing poorly lately; sometimes it works well; a few minutes later it glitches. This is probably part of your disconnecting and connecting issue. Hopefully MIT will find a fix to the over used servers soon. Until that happens and developer usage stays high, I would expect that performance to continue.

Sorry I cannot provide a simple solution for you. All App Inventor developers are experiencing poorer performance than what was possible even a few weeks ago.

Share you Blocks or an example that takes 20 to 40 minutes to build and someone will see how the code performs .

Memu is just like having a real mobile device.
When runs for the first time, add your Google account, open the Play Store app already installed and download the companion. That's all I needed.
Then type the code to connect to the companion as you would do with your device over WiFi.

So much for simple.
Here's my first try at MemuPlay, until AVast stopped its install.

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After instructing Avast that the MemuPlay installer was okay,
I this time ran the installer in my normal mode.
After signing into Google Play I was able to download the MIT Companion.
The critical part was using the Connect->Companion option and copying the 6 letter code (I was able to use copy and paste Ctrl-C Ctrl-V)
Both checkbox options on the Companion code screen work for connection technique.
I did not need to use the AI2 aistarter.exe program for this.
Sample Loom session:

I apologize for all the fumfering and blind alleys as I stumbled through my first run.
If I can find the Portrait mode icon, this is quite usable.

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You should go to settings>display and change it to a phone screen. By default it emulates a tablet.

Postscript -

I found the rotation and autorotate options, and they match AI2 Portrait operations better.

I also realized after the fact that I did not need to get the Companion from the Play Store and so a Google sign-on, since MemuPlay has an .apk import facility I could have used with a downloaded companion .apk file from MIT.
This would be important for Google-phobes and students.

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(added to FAQ)

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Try without the icon file.
They have to be small, 96px by 96px or 48px by 48px.

Actually, I believe this is no longer true regarding icon sizes. The build server will generate all of the possible variants of icon size needed by Android for different screen densities.

Yes it's very convenient. You can also drag and drop the apk file on the emulator screen and it will install the app right away.

Please export your project and post it here.