Problem facing while using emulator

This is the complete video of how my emulator works. this is also my first time ever working with an emulator. So any help will be appreciated

Oh, I ended the recording before but after this, it asks to force close MIT app inventor. So can anyone help me regarding this?

I saw "version 2.11ai2" flash in the Companion before it crashed.

The stock MIT emulator is the oldest of all emulators.
Look here for more recent ones.
(I myself use MemuPlay.)

If the prob;em persists, post your exported .aia file.

Well, I used the emulator on the app inventor and it asked for an automatic update which I did. But when I use code inventor it says an error above which says to stop the application at the bottom. Then I thought of moving my app from code inventor to app inventor through aia file but it is giving a server error and saying try later. I have literally tried many times but the error is still there. So what should I do? Moreover, my main reason to use the emulator was to use the speech recognition tool but when I have used it on app inventor it is giving an error that it needs some extra thing for that. So I am kind of trapped. I don't have my phone with me for a few days else I would have used the companion. So any solution? This is the video of the error of speech recognition

The MemuPlay emulator can use the PC's microphone and speaker.

I never bothered adding a microphone to my desktop PC, so I can't test.

Well I tried memu as you said but the same error is coming as it was coming on the ai emulator this is the runtime error and it says this
No Activity found to handle Intent { act=android.speech.action.RECOGNIZE_SPEECH (has extras) }
Note: You will not see another error reported for 5 seconds

I have heard complaints that a supporting vendor-supplied text/speed app is needed. I don't remember which direction. Fortunately, MemuPlay has Google Play store pre-installed, if you can get it to find a Google text/speech app. (I have used the Google Play app to download its copy of the MIT AI2 Companion, but not for this problem yet.)

The App Inventor 2 stock emulator cannot emulate the SpeechReconizer. Users cannot emulate most of the Sensor controls (except Clock) using that emulator.

You get the error message because your emulator can not emulate the hardware that allows its use in a real Android device.

Try your app on a real device.