Problem uploading an aia file

I have tried many times to upload the file below but I get an upload error
Error info: Try uploading the file later because the server is not available right now

and these

If you need any information from me I will answer you e.g. email information

We don't provide support by private message, so I'm moving your post to our help forum.

In the forum? or ai2 editor itself ?

Which server are you trying to upload to?

Well, here might be a list of hot issues that might be causing your error.

  • You do not have a stable network (or you disconnected) when uploading your project.

  • The files are too large. In particular, each asset must not be larger than 5 MB when you upload them. I guess the code server ( has a larger limit from what I heard, but I'm not sure.

  • Projects with large media files will have issues loading. Try an experiment; make a copy of a project; remove some of the media files and see what happens when you try to load. (thanks Steve)

Other examples:

And all of the tips here:

Now let's take a step forward and take a look at your file.


Not too much, the limit is 30 MB. But: there is an image in your asset manager that is 3 MB.


With a compressor, e.g. Easily compress images at optimal quality in seconds., I compressed your image from 3.4 MB to less than 0.3 MB. Go and try it. :slight_smile:

App Inventor Server

I did what you said in that particular image and I get the same error

Server error: could not upload project. Please try again later!

Do you have stable network connection?


Compressed images in the App have to be decompressed before being rendered on screen - which requires memory and is known to crash.

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Do I have to make all the images smaller?

...follow the advice on my site.

.... except for the launch icon (phone icon), for images in-App you can use the WebP format. This has similar quality to PNG format but has a smaller filesize.

You may have a lot of assets or screens in your project. The ai2 server in particular struggles with this since Google has a hard 1 minute timeout on any network request. You may want to try loading your project into as it runs in AWS and is more lenient when it comes to projects with a lot of content.

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I have no problem uploading your project (device_info_for_message.aia) to AI2.


But 56 (!) extensions in just one project is most likely a world record. :wink:


Some of those extensions may be a bit old, not updated any more and about to become incompatible...... how many would be classed as essential?

After removing some extensions and reducing the size (, minifying the name of the images and changing from .jpg to png the project is successfully uploaded to the regular servers as well as I would like to ask some more questions what is the maximum number of projects in MIT app inventor? and what is the maximum number of extensions in a MIT app inventor? and what is the max block on one in MIT app inventor?
Thanks :star_struck::smiley:

Not a limit I have seen. However, good practice would always be to download your projects as aia files for backup and safekeeping. If it helps, I routinely clear my AI2 of projects each month (@ 100), backing them all up on my hard drive, for reuse if required.

Again, not sure of a limit, but we saw a couple of days ago a developer who had 56 different extensions in their project. This could indicate a lack of programming/coding knowledge in AI2

On one project ? Some say 7000 blocks per screen. You should not exceed 10 real screens in a project to ensure stability, but we have seen projects with between 30 and 70 screens in the past (but this is not recommended). Again, good programming/coding and use of available blocks can help to keep down your block count.

None of the above should be targets, you should seek to minimise these wherever you can.

Others may have more to add


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