Problem to download the application

what's the problem?

As the error is trying to tell you

Do you have any warnings


no error

Look in Screen Cut_electricity.

If you are not able to fix it by yourself, do share your project aia

Export your .aia file and upload it here.

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Almorched_correction.aia (3.3 MB)
please help me

Not a clue why this happened, but by renaming your buttons name back to btnBack on screens Screen2, consumption and Cut_electricity it started to work..

Almorched_correction1.aia (3.3 MB)

P.S. I just tried to build a project with 1 component (button, label, etc) named back and it didn't work to build, @ewpatton is this a new reserved word or something else as it work at Kodular

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This is a regression that has come about due to some of the newer blocks where they introduced function names that collide with user-definable names. We'll need to deploy an update to the build servers to rename the functions internally to prevent these collisions.

Generally, block functions are either prefixed with yail- or they otherwise include a - in the function name (e.g., string-split). App Inventor users can't create objects with - in the name so we know they are safe but these newer functions failed to abide by this constraint, leading to the issue above.