Problem adding custom auth

Hello everyone. I’m trying to add custom auth to App Inventor. So the question is how can I add a user to the App Inventor instance by email ?


Have you looked in


Okay let me be more clear. I’m talking about MIT AppInventor’s login page. I’m trying to add a google sign in like we have in .


You should take a look at the LoginServlet class. If you’re planning to implement a Google OAuth workflow you’ll want to add support there to receive the OAuth tokens and create the user. A User object is created when you call getUserFromEmail and no such user exists.


Thanks for your response the problem solved. I was doing a silly mistake. :sweat_smile:

What about if I want to modify the login page? And other web pages as well?

If you don’t mind , can you yell us how did you solve that ? and how did you add Google oauth support like
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Kunal Mishra