Not being able to download the app, error running appt
Hello! I'm trying to download the app, but for some time I've been getting the error: ERROR RUNNING AAPT. I had some empty labels to space between items and I thought that because of them I can't download the app, but that's not the case, I deleted them and I get the same error. What can I do?
I attached the app to a folder drive because it takes up more than 8 MB.


Remove one of these duplicates.

Welcome Alexandra.

Generic solutions to your issue might be discussed in the link.

You might post an image of your Blocks or the full AAPT message you receive to get specific advice.

After removing the duplicate (case-insensitive) Media file and a Media file with two periods, this builds on the server:

Unfortunately the bloated repaired .aia file is too large to upload here.

So do your own repair using 7-zip.

P.S. You have exceeded the maximum numbers of

  • screens
  • MB

Thank you!!! That was really the problem, I didn't notice until now!!!

Your app:

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What about following some general tips?
Especially 1 and 2...


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