MIT App Inventor for iOS: Now on the App Store πŸŽ‰

Hello everyone,

It is my great privilege to announce that the MIT App Inventor companion app for iOS is now generally available on the Apple App Store. This version is 2.60 and is functionally equivalent to beta version 0.9.12 that was released a few weeks ago.

You can read the full launch announcement here.

Evan W. Patton, Ph.D.
Lead Software Engineer, MIT App Inventor

Download on the App Store
or scan to download:


This is the interpreter, not the compiler. Users can use the iOS to use the companion for iOS to work with the device. This doesn't allow users to create/build the compiled apps and share them or post their app to the Apple App Store. Or does it?

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That's correct. The compiling functionality is still in a closed beta although the hope is to make it available before the start of the fall semester.


Amazing!! Can't wait till we can publish apps for friends to use on iOS!


It's great to see that the iOS companion will now be available to more users and students!:confetti_ball:
And I can finally run the companion on my Mac!

I must say you did an amazing jobπŸ‘
The companion works really well on the Mac!
It is also possible to display it in full screen and resize just like a regular Mac application!


Awesome !! :grinning:


Is it necessary to continue using the bug report form or should bugs now be reported here in the community?
I think it would be better anyway because if I find any bug I do not know if anyone else has reported it before

Awesome to see such a great news . Congratulations to the team :heart:

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@ewpatton The link to the blog post in the splash screen of App Inventor is not correct. It is linking to

It should be.

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This is really great news! :clap:
And I think that hope could also become a reality, otherwise the MIT team probably wouldn't announce a date (even if that's a bit vague). :wink:


You can feel free to report issues in the bugs section. Just mark them with iOS as a tag. We're also going to be releasing a service shortly where you can see a read-only version of the issue tracker.

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At the moment our biggest concern is that we don't have good data yet on scalability of the solution we've written (and there are some UI/UX changes that need to be made to App Inventor to support it). We only have one Mac currently dedicated to the build infrastructure currently and need to grow that to support the whole community. For comparison, we have 15 servers with 8 cores each to service the Android builds.

ExcellentπŸ‘ Thanks for the answer

Thanks Peter. I've set up a redirect so that people end up at the blog post instead of a 404.

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Thanks for the report about the performance on the M1 Mac. We don't have one of those yet so we weren't sure whether it would behave correctly. It's good to know that it does!

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Great Achievement :clap:

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Great work


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