App Inventor is unable to compile this project on ios

but stil the error show when I build ipa

If you use the 2.64 Companion, does the interpreter work to run your app?

If the app does run using Companion, I suspect you are lacking something in what you did following the instructions regarding Building Apps for iOS with MIT App Inventor

Only betatesters can build an ipa. You have to have a special file included in your project for this. That is what you are missing.


how can I be betatesters ?

Till now i don't know about this,

By visiting this i came to know all details regarding iOS building :heart:

Building Apps for iOS with MIT App Inventor

I take it you have to pay apple $99 to build an app on my iPhone.

I think it's one time, but we need to pay yearly 99$😡

And you have to join the beta testing program, even if you paid $99. Apple just likes money.

I think I was not entirely clear. You do need the special file but your mail adres has also to be added to a special test group of people so you can test/build the project. That is something AI developers have to do.

Yes i think it's mandatory. Without that file we can't build the app and also get the error like below.


Mr Patton ( @ewpatton AI2 developing leader) plans to release the generation of ipas to the world shortly (not only for the betatesters special-team). He can confirm you how is the timetable for this topic .


Is it ever going to be free to build a single app on your iPhone?

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This category was started in September 2019 after the last App Inventor Summit. So you can see it takes a long time to get this done.

I think the next update will be the one that allows compiling on ios. When that will be is unknown. I think it might be in fall/winter.


from Mar 2021

@Anke how can I be in closed beta ?

Since it's "closed", you probably can't.

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