App Inventor apps for iOS


Are apps created with APP Inventor compatible for running on Apple Mobile Platforms?If not, what can be done to make them run flawlessly on both Android and iOS platforms equally?
As I read on a website named StackOverflow it is not possible to run .apk files on the iOS platforms...


What is the meaning of Closed Beta? (I'm a total newcomer to app building...)
Thank you for ur answer.

That means only selected users are able to try that out.


Thank you @Peter.
Waiting for the feature of image apps to become available for all users!.
@MIT and @PowerUsers

MIT y PowerUsers ... como va este tema?
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The answer is probably, when it is ready, it is still being tested and awaiting approval from "Apple"....

Hello everybody,
It's possible to have a realistic forecast to delivery an Ai2 version with the option to generate IPA files for iOS?
BR Ferran

The definitive answer, I believe, is no.

The most realistic forecast is "soon"....

Ok. I will wait.

Unfortunately, "soon" is very relative and stretchy. :wink:

We were supposed to have a meeting last month with Apple but unfortunately it was cancelled. We still need to follow up with them about that.


Closed beta

How could I get in that group of users who can try the beta version?

I was already running late in Oct 2019 while still trying to register for it.

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This is great news. Thank very much Mr. Patton to you and your collaborators for the efforts that make in improving this great collective project that is AI2. Having milestones gives the users much hope for the project and also predisposes us to help in whatever way we can.