What is the lastest status on publishing MIT App Inventor Apps on the App Store of Apple

Dear AI2-fellows,

I've uploaded two apps created with the MIT AI2 to the Google Play Store already - worked fine and I'm very happy with it. I am now just searching for options to also release an Apple version. What is the latest status here?
I couldn't find a definite answer from these threads:

I think someone suggested to spend a few bucks to get the job done by a freelancer:

Thank you!

MIT is still testing the Build compiler, necessary to produce the code the Apple store requires. Once the testing is finished, MIT still has to go through a procedure to obtain Apples permission.

Status: in progress
MIT has not provided a release date. A release might be in a few months or it might not be until the end of the year. When the compiled ios features are available and work as MIT intends, rest assured MIT will make an announcement. :slight_smile:

For the moment, you cannot release a version of your app on thee Apple Store using App Inventor 2.

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@SteveJG thank you steve for the clarification (which I think wasn't made for the first time). How can I participate in the beta program?

Thank you!

evidently users can download the companion for iOS starting today MIT App Inventor for iOS: Now on the App Store 🎉

I don't believe you can compile but you can develop and test at the moment. Have fun. :slight_smile:

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Is there a timeframe, when it will be possible to bulid apps for iOS?

Not really, it will be ready when it is ready, a lot depends on Apple...

The Apple Developer Program costs 100USD/year. AFAIK, the Google Developer program is about 30USD for lifetime membership.

Apple is not so appealing for free apps.

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