Mit app connect to hivemq broker

Hi mit community,
I really need help of the community.
I really appreciate the feedback in order to resolve this issue.

my problem is, how to connect the app i am creating using mit app inventor to hivemq broker.
the data i want to send to hivemq broker is accelerometer, latitude ang longitude in the same time from mit app to hive broker.

that my display on the phone n mit create

this is my block. mybe mit community can show what should i do. myb my block problem.

Here examples of MQTT:


tq for your respond,
For the display, that should i follow your dispaly on the design?

then for hivemq, what importand, port? username? or client ID?
because, I enter broker:, passwordd, port: 1883 and username. but the display on the hivemq message did not come out anything.

Port 1883

no user or password is necessary

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tq for your kind respond.
i already download the extension "ursAI2MQTT", and import into my mit app that i create.
for "p117B_mqtt_extension.aia" that you just give.
do i need to import into my mit app extension? or how

I just want to get the data acceleration, latitude m longitude from the smartphone app out on hivemq directly. (directly)

but in the hivemq message, no data came out.

Yes, the extension must be in the app, as you have put in your first images.

More info about mqtt

MQTT has a delay since the data must be sent to the server over the internet, if the acceleration changes are very fast, you may not be able to observe some values.

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okay thank you very much, i will try first.
thank you for your kindness in reply.
If anything problem came again. i will ask.
have a nice day.

hi, it still work to get the data at hivemq message if i create the data that i want on screen 2?

If the app is correctly built you can see the data on Screen1 and Screen2.

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act i stuck to create block to connect hivemq broker,
encoding to transmit real -time acceleration values, latitude and longitude at the same time.
I really need help from the mit community to help me to make the block.
I'm not proficient and I'm still new to the app. I need people's guidance
thank you.

18 .- AccelerometerSensor Publish and Subscribe x, y, z. Send and receive the three variables. HiveMQ.

Another idea for working with realtime is to use CloudDB or Firebase (realtime).

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i have see the block,
for my block i don;t have label 1,1,2,3,4,5.

i just create like this, then the outcome also show the value, x-axis,y-axis n z-axis

in your block, is quite different

Hi, I have problems to connect mit app to hivemq. I don’t know how to create the block for connect to hivemq and tranfer my data from mit app into hivemq messages.
i need to get the data accelerometer, latitude and longitude from my block.

this is my block that i have create to get the accelerometer n latutide,longitude data.

value for all out, but to send the existing value to hivemq, I did not succeed and did not know how to generate a block

also i try connect to hivemq wit, port:1883 and host:, but still data not show on message hivemq.

i really need someone to help me.

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I found this link for you; hope it helps a bit:

Also, please take screenshots (Windows Key - Shift - S for your Windows machine); I can barely read what's on your screen.

I see @Juan_Antonio (sorry for mention kameraad) was helping you earlier on this thread:

He was the one who recommended to use Port 1883 in the first place; I would ask him for help to see this through.

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tq for your respond,
do I need to create a block to publish and subscribe. because I only want the data from the smartphone app to come out in the hivemq message.
i confues at that things.
if must to create i will create block for publish n subscribe.

because i use hivemq to get the realtime data, then i will apply to nodered n matlab.

I'm not sure...


  • For Block-screen screenshot: right mouse button

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