Please Help : Sending Accelerometer data to MQTT server

Hello all, im currently developing apps and facing difficulties.i really need help from community as im very new and its kinda limited on how to solve my extension problem,

the project is briefly is that accelerometer sensor collect data and send to MQTT broker (HIVEMQ)

The sensor accelerometer code block as below

this is first part of project which i manage to solve(thanks to youtube tutorial)

The second part is to send the data obtain from the apps to cloud broker(HIVEMQ).After stuck here finally i know about (MQTT EXTENSION)

the i code with guidance of youtube tutorial itv= was about other data but i try to learnh and change but fail
video :

then i code on the web as below

extension property

after done adding code block for MQTT the accelerometer fail to function and cant connect to MQTT.Im stuck and i need help..any tutorial or suggestion

i did this project to shows that we can collect data using phone and send to cloud broker in real time.

the full codebloc on MIT including for MQTT


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thanks,i will check it out

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