Medication Reminder (again)

Hello, I'm kind of new to this MIT APP INVENTOR thing, I was wondering if anyone would be willing to give me a hand with my project, it's a very important project because it's what will decide if I finish my last year of school.
The application basically consists of a medication schedule (where you enter the name of the medication, the times you want to take it, the number of times this time will be repeated during the day and a description of how to take it.) and I also wish it had a second screen that showed the list of medicines.
Is anyone willing to contact me to be my mentor? It's just that my supervising teacher is too rude and never helps.

Search the community for medication, there are several examples.

I mean, I searched but I couldn't find any that were helpful to me.

Really ?

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Im using Taifun Alarm free version to make a Medication reminder, is there a way to make the alarm repeat everyday for a number of days that is inserted by the user? I can't buy the paid version because I'm short on money and I don't want to spend it on a project just to finish my school year.

Some suggestions:

  • try a free alarm extension [FREE] Alarm Extension . It might work for your app. :smile:
  • write your own alarm manager extension. How long will it take you?
  • pay the 12USD for Taifun's paid version
  • don't include the feature to make the alarm repeat everyday for a number of days that is inserted by the user
  • do a different Project. Is it required your project be a medication reminder?

You don't want to spend it on a project just to finish my school year. Is peace of mind worth giving up several cups of coffee or other drinks for a few days to fund your purchase? Life is full of choices.

I want to create an application where you can manage medication for my final year project but I'm having many difficulties.

One of the difficulties I am having is registering a medication, allowing me to choose whether it is daily (how many hours to take the medicine, if it is once a day or enter specific times if it is only once a day), weekly, monthly or annually.

Another difficulty is that I can't use the alarm extension and have MIT itself handle notifications and not use the phone's clock application.

My last difficulty is making it so that the person can go to the application and change the medication data (for example: if the person now, instead of having to take it at 10:00, now has to take it at 11:00)

You might look at the Google Calendar API links in

Play with Google Calendar, and take note of the difference between defining rules for generating future events and the individually generated events.

If you have not yet done so, also study the Clock and Date and Time Picker components, for how to select and express dates and times.

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I want to create an application a medication manager for my final year project but I'm having many difficulties and I don't know where to start, I already tried to search some videos on the topic but none seem to be helpful to me.

The app would consist in basically an agenda/calendar where you can add your medications and choose whether it is daily (then it would open a chat where you can say the interval of hours to take the medicine, if it is once a day or enter specific hour if it is only once a day), weekly, monthly or annually.

The app would have to handle notifications itself and run on the background and not use the phone's clock/alarm application like Taifun's alarm extension does.

And it would needs to have an screen where you can edit the medication, like if you spelled the name wrong and you need to change, to change the hours the notification will appear, etc...

I really need help for this project, If you could send me some tutorials on youtube explaning some things I mencioned that I need to do on the app, It would be great since I can't seem to find it... Thanks.

I'll give you a little hint.
Every phone has a default calendar app which has this alarm feature.
Find a way to make Calendar app work for you.

That didn't really help me. I need to be able to make everything on the app (select how regularly the medication has to be taken, to store it in a database and to get the information from the database soo it can be edited.)

Did you try this alarm extension ?

I tried to test the aia from that extension but when I tried to built it, it gave me an error

Also I want the app to work more os less like the following printscreens, I hope it's possible.

What was the error?

Wait, now when I tried to build the app again, now the error is gone.

Can anyone teach me how I can make a dropdown list that depending on what the user chooses (whether it is once a day, x times a day, weekly, monthly or yearly) will change the fields that will or will not appear for the user ?

Making a dropdown list is fairly straightforward, but your above statement does not make it clear as to what you want to do?

The simplest approach is to use a spinner:

There are extensions available that provide "popup" menus, but i would stick to the basics for now...

If your dropdown list contains for example: daily,twice a day, weekly, monthly, what more do you need to do after an item has been selected?

Sorry I took this long to answear, what I wanted is after that has been selected, it would affect how many times the notification will be sent to the user when he submits the medication.

How can I make a drop-down menu to select dosing frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) and depending on the selection, you can show additional fields to set dosing times and also make the notification time respect what the user selected?

Have you tried a spinner component and its AfterSelecting(selection) event? Based on the "selection" you can define different logics.