MakeViewUp Extension: beautify & customize android views

MakeViewUp allows you to customize your application’s android view components like layouts & buttons.



Eleven different types of methods for specific things like setting elevation, gradient, margin, padding, corner radius, the ripple effect, rotation, stroke & visibility of the android view component.


blocks (10)

One background color setting property and eight different types of properties for specific things like getting background color, shape line, shape oval, shape rectangular, shape ring, visibility gone, visibility visible & visibility invisible.


above is an example of this extension of how we can make a beautiful user interface in the app inventor platform.

Direct Downloading: Makeviewup (13.9 KB) ( in zip )
Mirror link: Makeviewup ( in zip )


I can't see the blocks properly :sweat_smile:

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@KUMARASWAMY_B.G i have changed blocks images you can check now.

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Wow, very useful Extension @VSATISH13 congratulations :partying_face:
I suggest you better not upload your extension on another website (Upload to MIT community)


Can you use this extension to stack one component on top of another, obscuring it? I can see this feature in the sample images in the first post. Which block to use? A detailed description of the blocks or a sample aia project would be nice.

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Actually that website is mine and I will add test aia with extension so I think it will be batter to upload on my hosting for future updates and less mix-up in keeping records.

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You can try that via using Margin block it should work and the example I shared there I used overlay extension (which I might release soon).

Please add Blur Effect

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maybe it can be done via opacity block.

opacity not have blurring effect)

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I will add blurring option in next update :+1:

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Really thanks for you're extension! It helped me a lot!

Invented with app inventor :blush:

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This is a bad blur and slow. It takes a screenshot and blurs, not in real time.)


That's how it works, the extension uses the fastest blur algorithm.



btw why does this look insanely big?


Yea @Vsatish should resize it. What I do is remove the icons URLs from all the JSON files in the AIX.


oh nice extension

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I tried changing my border and radius of component something like this,

Where in a horizontal arrangement, there is an image in the background but its not working when I put image background .

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@VSATISH13 please resize the icon as @Kaustubh_Rakhade showed. It really looks weird.

Anyways nice extension man!

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