How to create dynamic list view




ClickZ extension:- [FREE] ClickZ - An extension to add click, long click and more actions to components!

MakeViewUp:- MakeViewUp Extension: beautify & customize android views

DynamicComponent extension:- Releases · ysfchn/DynamicComponents-AI2 · GitHub

Extractor extension:-
Extractor.aix (4.9 KB)

How to create Extractor extension


Would be good to give credit and provide links to the extension developer that makes this all possible :wink:

I do not think a Youtube video should consider a tutorial but could be used in a tutorial that all steps are explained with block's images. Also I watched the provided video and I believe it could be much better with less blocks

If possible, can you tell me what is the use this extractor extension?

We can pick out or extract number or text from a mixed text
You can check this extension with text code123
If you will use ExtractText block you will get code as result and If you will use ExtractNunber block then you will get 123 as result

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