How to create a Dynamic List View

How do we create Dynamic List View

Download DynamicComponent aix -
Download MakeViewUp aix - MakeViewUp Extension: beautify & customize android views

Thanks a lot to @VSATISH13 because he creates MakeViewUp aix, thanks a lot to @yusufcihan because he creates DynamicComponent extension


What if we want a dynamic-length list? For example, we have a list of 100 or 1000 items and we want to display this in a ListView created with dynamic components.

Use for each item block

I know how to do it. I mean of your tutorial. ListView is primarily used to display data from lists. Unfortunately, your tutorial does not contain information on how to display the list data.

If I give all the things then users do not think about how to do different things with this guide. I want that user use their mind and add list in this and if they do not do this then I send him that how to do that

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The video you've provided only contains a background music. It would be good if you have speak on the video and teaches why did you add this and that and..........
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Probably not, otherwise I would have got many subs

The community is NOT a place to advertise your business @Faraz_Firoz.

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