Listview clicking

Hi, im trying to make a list of items. And when I click on one item it will open a new screen according to the item i clicked on. There will be alot of items, so I nees to be able to search through all the items.

Is there a easy way to do this?

Load all your items into a Google Sheet, one item per row.
The AI2 Spreadsheet component lets you filter search requests.

Do not use new screens for data.
Reuse the same display elements, changing the data you load into them.

How many items in your list ? Provide an example of some of the items....

There will be a list of different songs, it will be over 100 songs

001 song1
002 song2

Based upon @ABG's suggestion of storing your data in a google sheet and getting google to do the filtering, here is an example that uses 1000 names. The selected name is transferred to a new arrangement which is where you would "do stuff".

No extensions or setting up of service accounts required....

GVizFilterClick.aia (4.5 KB)


Based on:

which you could also use without needing to go out of the app.