get data by comparing the current time with data from a table

Good morning. I want to create a very simple app for a music festival that tells me, by pressing a button, which group is playing at that moment and on which stage, and the next group to play. I have all the data in an Excel table with the columns group, scenario, date, start time and end time. Thank you so much.
I have already done the option of choosing the group and having it tell me all the other actions, but here I am lost. In case it was necessary, I am using Google Sheets and I also have the API credentials

Hello David,

maybe you can use gviz API to do the queries over the googleSheet (you mention also excel?). Here you have a guide:
METRIC RAT AI2 - Use gviz to get and query google sheet data

To take advantage of sorting by datetime in Sheets, be careful to specify the datetime column of the set list as numeric with date time format.

There are advanced sorting and filtering blocks for AI2 tables in FAQ Section: Lists

It's more practical to download the sheet as a CSV file and load it from the Media folder at run time if it's static, to avoid reliance on concert time connectivity.

Choose a datetime format like yyyyMMddhhmm to help sort and filter the table.

I'm sorry, but I'm pretty new to this and I just wanted the app to use at the festival. I don't understand programming languages ​​much and I wanted to know the exact blocks to implement them. I know it's a lot to ask, but I've been looking for information for a month and haven't found anything, not even with chatgpt. And the festival is in 3 days

Post a link to the Sheet and make it publicly readable.

Well, something to start with:
qvizByDateTime.aia (28.7 KB)

Made with @Kevinkun extension TableViewer:
[FREE] TableViewer - fully style customized to show table data - Extensions - MIT App Inventor Community

There two buttons:

  • GetNow gives you the info of the groups playing at the current date/time.
  • GetLater gives you the groups that will play later (in the same day)

Here's a YAML display of your sheet, sorted by date/time of start.

sheets_to_YAML_concert.aia (9.7 KB)


Thank you so much. It works perfectly

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