[FREE] TableViewer - fully style customized to show table data

No, correct row returned when no thead :slight_smile:

maybe use selector: tbody tr:nth-child(...)

Nope, still styles row below the row clicked :upside_down_face:

Looks like this might be a requirement when there is a thead:

As long as we know, it is not a big issue...:wink:

hey, i need help with this table
i can't show this in the tableviewer
table.txt (50,5 KB)

can you take the text of the selected row in 'when tableview1.click' and display it?

show your blocks please

Opera Captura de pantalla_2022-10-12_221627_ai2.appinventor.mit.edu

it looks fine for me. What have you got? not showing any thing? any error message?

index 6, size 6

You should mention this in your first post.
And this error also talked aobut in previous posts.
You need to update to a new version of this extension.

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and how?

initialize global data to empty list;

when web.gotresponse {
set data to (list from csv table (responsecontent));
...show your data on table...

when tableviewer.click{
set label1.text to (select list item (data, row))

and i deprecated ShowTable again. it seems that nobody like to use it.

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Great work !

Comments / Observations on V4

You have done something clever, because the table no longer scrolls back to the top when setting a style on table click :smiley:

ScrollTo works well for both thead true and false, even if you just use a number instead of row.

I note that you have removed the source code property ?

Your extension now falls into my most excellent category :smiley:
(I like playing with css)

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how ever, i find one issue: when head is fixed on top, after scrollto some row, it's covered by head.

sourcecode is removed by accident, I will add it back.

SImply a case of row -1 again I suppose....

how can you set the whole row in the set style?

oh boy, oh boy, oh, boy !!

You can add images as well :smiley:


This is shown using tableclick event

If thead = true, you will need to subtract 1 from the row