[FREE] TableViewer - fully style customized to show table data

show your blocks pls,and the data to display, and are you using v2?

Opera Captura de pantalla_2022-10-11_022250_ai2.appinventor.mit.edu

and this text

and yes, i'm using v2

a picture of data can not help me a lot to debug.
please copy the data to a txt file and upload.
Have you tested other data?

yep, i try with another table but nothing, and idk how save my data in txt, but my data is...

1,juan,123456,Juan,García,juanitogarcia@gmail.com,5555555", in my new try

Tested this data, it's working at my side.

Proyecto_N2.aia (146,7 KB)
please, look at my project, I can't find where the error can originate from

OK I think I know where is the problem.
it's your data. not all row have the same length.
you need to change your data with same length of every row.
for example,


These blocks run well with version 1, but with version 2 the table does not appear.

You need to use the ShowTable method block !

runtime error

Check your data, your csv rows are not all the same length, or something similar

or you do not set the table to have a header row?

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[Feature request]

Clear table, so that new data/styling can be applied without restarting the app

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done, update the extension pls.

With v3 no runtime error but I can not set cell color, please check my aia vith version1 then update version
TableViewer.aia (17.7 KB)

it looks like you did not read the update notice, and did not follow the suggestions from other users.
You can find your questions all answered there.

You are right, it runs now, thank you.

[Feature Request] (maybe the last one :wink: )

Scroll to specified row. For example,if you use SetStyle to change to colour of a row after the table is displayed (from a TableClick), the styling is set but the table reloads to the top of the table. Either prevent this and/or offer a scroll to row method, in order to remain in the selected place in the list.

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Select row quirk

When using set thead, and when setting a style after the table is displayed to a row in Table Click, I have found that the SetStyle method performs the action on the next row down to the one selected. To fix this, one needs to deduct 1 from the row supplied by the TableClick

same problem when has head is false ?

Will need to test, just a minute or two....