[Free] Base 64 extension. File to/from Base 64

Base 64 extension.

With this extension we can:

  • Convert an image, sound, video, pdf file,... to a Base 64 string.

  • Convert a Base 64 string to file.

  • Convert the Picture of an Image component to Base 64.

  • Set a Base 64 string as Picture in an Image component.

  • Convert a Picture from a Canvas to a Base 64 string.

  • Take a Picture with the Camera and convert it to Base 64 string

  • Download a file from the internet and convert it to Base 64.

  • Convert a Uri to Path.

- Why convert a file to Base 64?

  • To save it to a TinyDB.
  • To upload a text string to the internet, instead of a file (for example by PHP).
  • To work directly with the image without previously converting it to a file (for example TakePicture with Cam and load it in Canvas directly.)
  • Draw on a Canvas and pass it directly to an Image component.

- Where can we download the updated extension?


- What blocks does the extension have?


1.- Image file in assets to Base 64. Base 64 to File in ASD. Show in Image2.

Base64_Simple.aia (487.9 KB)

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