Take picture and Save in TinyDB

1.- Take a Picture with Camera component.
2.- Write a tag and commentary.
3.- Save commentary in TinyDB1
4.- Convert Picture to String Base64 and save String in TinyDB2.
5.- Look Namespace in Properties TinyDB1 and TinyDB2.

6.- Write tag and Click in button to get and view picture and commentary.
7.- Get String of TinyDB2 and convert in File in ASD/auxiliary_dir/auxiliary_file.png
8.- Show ASD/auxiliary_dir/auxiliary_file.png in Image2 component.

9.- It needs extension com.KIO4_Base64.aix
[In the installation we can get a false virus notice on some devices]

Guardar_foto.aia (25.0 KB)



This example is similar to the previous one, now we choose the image using ImagePicker.

p328E2_foto_TinyDB.aia (16.5 KB)


I have read so many threads on this and I think I'm just being stupid. I can't find the block for set "image"."picture" etc. where are they?

Thank you so much

Does no work.

Set DefaultFileScope in Legacy

Help. No funciona


I have modified the code of the Guardar_foto.aia found in the first post, can you try it?

thank you thank you very much

How to save image using tinydb in a simpler way and easy way because Iā€™m a kid and idk how to do those codes

Well, that is how you can do it, it doesn't get any more simple.

Alternatively, just save the link to the file in tinydb to miss out the base64 step.