Take picture and Save in TinyDB

1.- Take a Picture with Camera component.
2.- Write a tag and commentary.
3.- Save commentary in TinyDB1
4.- Convert Picture to String Base64 and save String in TinyDB2.
5.- Look Namespace in Properties TinyDB1 and TinyDB2.

6.- Write tag and Click in button to get and view picture and commentary.
7.- Get String of TinyDB2 and convert in File in /auxiliary_dir/auxiliary_file
8.- Show file:///mnt/sdcard/auxiliary_dir/auxiliary_file in Image2 component.

9.- It needs extension com.KIO4_Base64.aix

Guardar_foto.aia (16.5 KB)



This example is similar to the previous one, now we choose the image using ImagePicker.

p328E2_foto_TinyDB.aia (16.5 KB)


I have read so many threads on this and I think I'm just being stupid. I can't find the block for set "image"."picture" etc. where are they?

Thank you so much

Does no work.

Set DefaultFileScope in Legacy