Is it possible to send gathered data from the app and send it to gis as vector data?

sorry for my bad english

Ya but at least tell what database they are using.

sorry :sweat_smile:, im actually have a hard time searching what is the best one for the app. is there anything you can recommend?

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Ya I can obviously recommend.

So what do you want ?
Easy for a newb ? Or something with better functions ?

thanks in advance, easy for newb. its just photo, name and coordinates that i want to store

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Easiest for a newb is spreadsheets.

Did you ever learn about MS Excel ?

Google Sheets is quite similar.

And for the fact about storing images, you can use KIO4's Base64 extension.

Then you would get a string value for an image that you can store in the database.

Also, whenever you want to retrieve the image, you can use the extension to convert the string to an image again.

For name : Something normal and easy to store.
For Co-ordinates : store in a string in a single cell or store as numbers in different cells(better option).

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Note that google sheets cells have a maximum content of 50,000 characters. The base64 of an image is usually bigger than this. It would be better to upload the images to google drive and link to them.


Ya thats a possible way.

Also, it is possible to store in spreadsheet too, by separating the string at every 50000 characters.

But that would be rather complex. So I support your way.

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is there supported GIS app for to implement it ?

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Could you please explain a thing :
Are you making the GIS app or are you updating data on a different GIS site ?

well basically the app im developing capable to classifying a mangrove species, capture image, display name and input coordinates. lastly, provide GIS mapping of the mangroves

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Ya but is the GIS in your own app or on someone else's server ? Are you sending data to your own database or updating the data on some other website's database and retrieving the data from there ?

yes im sending the data on my own database

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Then use the GSConnected Extension by TIMAI2.

It offers you to easily send and receive data from google sheets.

Remember to set up the Google Apps Script.
The guide is given in the Script/Setupportion of the post.


thank you so much

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Not now.

Thank me after the problem is fully solved.

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Here is an app that collects

for plants. It uses the now defunct Fusion Table database and a TinyDB but you can use GoogleSheets etc to store your data.

Here is a discussion of someone photographing fish caught at specific coordinates Map Markers and Google sheets (download images from Googlesheets speed over network is slow) - #16 by Mark_Parente Unfortunatetly, it contains a long winded discussion of how fast it might take to accomplish the data transfer from the device to the database and retrieval.

This too might be useful (Map) Runtime markers - #4 by SteveJG

There might be some ideas you can use in your Project.


Meaning you have your own website/server? The Host Company may have provided a MySQL database for your exclusive use and I suggest that would be better than Google Sheets for your requirements. For starters, images can simply be stored as 'Blobs' (Binary Large Object), so that removes the need for Base64 encoding-decoding.

Maybe also csv is enough.

Lat, lng, other data

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