Facing some issue while building apk

Idk what's the problem actually is can you see and tell me ?
This is the problem pic

This is the page pic which it is saying to correct
Help :pray:

Check for errors on that screen and fix them.


export and post .aia here.

Hii, I deleted that screen and make new screen no error come but a new comes after compiling

I don't think I can do anything.
This is the Android builder aia I put it here , here's the aia
Pacca_Paisa.aia (3.4 MB)
Please do something :pray: I spend most of my time on this

So this aia is not made in MIT app inventor?

The authURL in Screen1.scm has two platforms.

The assets folder has some very long file names. That has been known to break builds.

But AI2 does not work with other builder's aia files.

So what I have to do now ?
It also not saving anything

No I made it in Android builder but from 2 months their builder isn't working so I choose to work on mit app inventor, so I try to shift my aia here but it causing problems

Probably a complete re-write from scratch.....

You probably used components in their constructor that do not exist in ai2. Perhaps it would help to manually remove components from the aia file that are not in ai2.

If you want reliable and consistent access to app build servers, use only ai2 servers. No other builder will give you this consistency.

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Go through the Build Errors FAQ mentioned above, and check each item about problems with Media Folder files and their file names.

Correct your file contents and names accordingly.

Try this one Pacca_Paisa_F.aia (3.5 MB)


Don't know what happened with the above project however this one should work

Pacca_Paisa_f1.aia (3.5 MB)

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