I've done a project but I've not been able to build it. It throws an error: Build failed! [RunAapt] ERROR: Error running AAPT.
I've done the project already twice. The first time I thought it was because of the images I added being too big or in a not-supported format. The second time I didn't add any image and it was working until I added colours and I changed the labels names. I've changed all the colours again and set them as "Default", but still not working, so I don't know what is going on with this problem. I'm adding my .aia files, being p10 the first try of the app and p101 the second one
p101.aia (11.2 KB)
p10.aia (12.4 KB)

In both projects remove quotation marks for the app name


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Thank you so much, that was the issue!
I didn't even think of that.

(added to FAQ)

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