Download & Share file google sheet

I am trying to download and share a google sheet file and it is generated blank, without information.


Show the raw responseContent you got back from Web1.

It seems you're missing a slash there:

To download it like a file you need the same Url, but with the SaveResponse option enabled. For the file name you have in Web component a property "ResponseFileName".



when i put slash



what happens if you put that url in a browser?

Anyway, that second error (when you place the slash and the url is right) means that you are trying to recover a very large data. Do you really need that range?

That 1000 row range looks excessive.

Just ask for the entire sheet, and see what arrives.


Never seen that before so tested. I added data of 12 columns and 1000 rows.

This was returned just fine in my test, and the created file is shared successfully.

How many characters do you have in each cell, a lot ?

My test csv file is @ 100kb, the google sheet is only 56kb.

Also, it is not obvious why you are downloading the data twice ?

Would you care to share a link to your spreadsheet?


It works here. Getting the data and downloading to a file....

Anyway, this:

This app can download and share the sheet as a CSV file chunk of text:

download_and_share.aia (1.9 KB)

Run it on your phone, and a list of apps will pop up begging to import your data.

If you want to search or update the sheet online, see

If you want to carry around and search the sheet, see

Be aware that CSV means Comma Separated Values, a common text format for tables.

For both fetching the data as csv (string), and downloading the google sheet as xlsx for sharing:

Guys, thank you all very much, the blocks that allowed me what I needed were the following.


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