CustomWebView Camera permission

I made this webpage. It is working at desktop and mobile.

But it is not working at CustomWebView with error message

I used this aia file.CustomWebView (2).aia (72.5 KB)

Hi @Inkeun_Yoo
You should check this:

Did you apply to recommendations in the displayed error?

Yes i saw those and I used same aia and aix files

Yes I did and when app starts permission popup showed and I applyed

Enter in to the application settings and give rights manually. See if it works.

Yes, I gave camera right but it doesn't work

This works with :

Since your site does not show any preview so I was unable to check there.

Thank you for reply. I checked code that you show and changed like that. And I tested But permisson was denied. I gave the right everything.(camera, mic, data, gps) At chrome, that site is working but only app inventor isn't.

I think it's my phone's problem...

Thank you for helping me.

This is not a phone problem because in chrome this page works. I confirm the problem with the above blocks in samsung 8, android 9. When trying to ask for permission, the application automatically rejects the permission.

However, these blocks work. Permissions need to be granted only for the webview and not for the app.

CustomWebViewNew (2).aia (71.1 KB)


Wow, it works!!! Thank you very much.
I have got trouble because of this problem.

It's work thank you