How do you link sites create with php/myadmin and hosted freely by 000WEBHOST to my app inventor?

I need a help . I created a web site with php and has some tables created in php myadmin. Those tables contains paths of longblob .It is hosted by 000webhost and it runs well when using google or edge on my computer. But if i use ULR of that website in webviewer on my app inventor , I see everything even though i change tables as admin in my computer the changes are also remarked in my apk . the problem is that through phone it is impossible to download files provided that my clients are to see my posts through the apk to be installed in their cells

Sorry, I do not understand, please follow the guilde about how to ask a question


These pictures shows the php/ myadmin codes hosted freely by 000WEBHOST and it runs normaly on computer (link: ) when i link the site to my apk , the apk gets and displays normaly the files through webviewer in my apk: when i change files in the php tables using computer they are even changed in the apk without any problem:

My target is using my computer to upload files towards database to manage them and then display them from databse to our clients through the apk that they should install in their cell. My clients are students and my apk must guide them toward what he needs .For isntance the apk displays class choice after choosing, it leads him to courses. and after selecting course, the apk downloads files from web and displays it

For this web application i am designing, every thing is ok with php/myadmin but when i link it to my apk files are displayed but the cannot be downloaded.

Thanks for your everday help, may God guard you

try the custom webviewer

usually the web component is used to connect to a MySQL database, see also App Inventor Tutorials and Examples: MySQL | Pura Vida Apps and to upload files, the most simple method is to use ftp... there are ftp extensions around, for example this one App Inventor Extensions: FTP | Pura Vida Apps

however the web component does not offer multipart/form-data, which your script is using...
the custom webviewer mifght be able to pick and upload an image to your server...
see this exanple CustomWebView Camera permission - #10 by Patryk_F about how to get required permissions


Thanks for the guidances, let s try but i am afraid to be over of 5MB that MIT gives as maximum for any apk but if I use 'custom webviewer to to pick and upload files to my serve/

By the way does exist any way to be over 5MB?

The ai2 server allows for an apk of 30mb, the code server, 50mb

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I've updated this little guide on BLOBs, you might want to take a look at it.