Compile to .apk not working

I've got some trouble when trying to compile my app in .apk format. It stop at 100% saying: The APK file will be saved in the Download folder, But nothing more happens, it's stuck to that screen.
I'm really newbie and I don't know what to do to solve this. Is there a server problem?
Does anyone can explain me what should I do?


Do you have a download manager in your browser?

Because an apk is an executable file the browser download managers (even perhaps the default one) will want you to confirm the download. Is this the problem?

no this is not the problem, usually the download manager window pop-up about 30s after the 100% bar was completed and my problem is here, no pop-up, and the mit app inventor page is stuck in that mode.

The build servers are currently at 65% utilization, so it is probably your app size.

Yes, I managed to level down (again) my pictures and remove a music and it worked. the process had reach finally its end!

And my app work as intend, so I'm quite happy! :slight_smile:

Thanks all for your help.

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