[Chrome Extension] AI2Helper - download all blocks seperately and remove all orphan blocks with one click



This is a Chrome extension, NOT an extension for app inventer developing.

Update history:
AI2Helper v1.0 (18/02/2022)
first published

AI2Helper v2.0 (20/02/2022)

  1. add download as a zip;
  2. add block finder;
  3. all block images file renamed to a meaningful name;

AI2Helper v2.1 (21/02/2022)
1.block finder more quick and accurate.

AI2Helper v2.2 (23/02/2022)
1.UI change
2. other minor fix

What can it do?
Sometimes we want to download all the blocks as PNG seperately, rather than in a whole PNG file.
And if we have too many orphan blocks on the block designer, we have to delete them one by one.
With this extension, we can download all blocks into seperate png files (with the xml information), or remove all the orphan blocks, with only one click.

download link and how to install
AI2Helper-v2.2.aia (20.1 KB)

How to use it?
after installation, click the icon on top-right of your chrome browser, you will see a popup window,
the buttons for:

  1. download png seperately
  2. download png in a zip file
  3. remove all orphan blocks
  4. input text for keyword to search
  5. search block


  1. please keep the block designer visible when using this extension.

any feedback/suggestion is welcomed.


Can not enable it once installed in order to test it


I like the idea of this.

Before I try this, some questions:

  • How is the download destination handled?
    • I usually have my browser set up to ask me for a destination with the file name available for renamin (I Ctrl-C procedure names and paste them in as file names, and hand type event names.)
    • How should I set up my browser so this is handled automatically, or will I be in a race with the extension to file the arriving files properly?
  • How do I handle incremental development, where I want to download only a subset of my app?

(added to FAQ)

in new Browser Extension section.

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destination folder same as download manually.
maybe in future update, we can rename the file with the procedure or event name.

Problem solved, will test it now


how? any restrictions in your chrome?

First attempt was to drag and drop - copy crx file to extensions. Didn't work. Second attempt renamed crx file to rar, unzip it to a folder, enabled developer mode in extensions and used load unpacked. Now I can see it but I can not make it work

When I press any of the options nothing happens and I can not find any blocks png images in downloads folder. Waited at least 10 seconds before going and check folder


pls open devtools and check console panel to see any feedback?
or reopen chrome?

I got errors

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clear errors and reopen chrome?

Nice work!
Maybe there could be an option to download blocks' images as a zip file instead of downloading every PNG separately, which would probably take much time when used in a big project.


Same here.

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Same here.

thanks i will check it tomorrow.

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@dora_paz @Anke
please download from first post and try again.
I think the problem is, for the match website url I wrote https://*.appinventor.mit.edu, it should be http://....

@dora_paz is using ai2.appinventor.mit.edu

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* means all websites of app inventor


Tried works perfectly now but as mohamed tamer sir said you might wanna download as zip instead separately.