Charts component. Graphic shift left. Lissajous figures. Oscilloscope

In another category (PU) @ABG showed us some code to shift a graph to the left with the Chart component.

Here is a version of the code.

borrar_charts.aia (3.5 KB)


Thank you @ABG


Nice jobs ! Thank you @ABG and thank you @Juan_Antonio for sharing with us.

All the best.

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hi, i love to see this beatiful charts. do you have any video for explaination on this ?

What would be the benefit of a video? The blocks are there to be used. Making a video takes a lot of time.

I dont have the calldata Block??

What calldata block? There is not one in the aia example

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Did you mean the ChartData blocks?

You pull them in from the Designer as part of the Chart.

That will make their blocks available in the Blocks Editor.

Thank you @ABG - didn't know I needed that as well..

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2.- Lissajous figures. Oscilloscope.

  • Lissajous figures are used in electronics, in the study of the oscilloscope.
    A sinusoidal signal is introduced through channel X and another sinusoidal signal of different frequency through channel Y, the union of these two signals produces the Lissajous figures.

  • Depending on the frequency ratio a figure will be obtained.

p201_lissajous.aia (3.1 KB)

- Change ratio.



Very good extension but how to manage time on the x-axis?