Can I advertise BLE (StartAdvertising)?

Hi, I'm very new to Inventor and have searched high and low but cant seem to find what I am looking for.

  1. Is it possible to advertise BLE I'm trying but it just returns false.
  2. Can you edit a BLE Mac address (advertise with a different on)

My Arduino type device listens for a certain mac address then turns on its advertising so that I can connect to it.

I've looked for similar examples but had no luck.. any help is appreciated..


I meet the same problem. I tried to use my Android 10 phone to start ble advertising but the value of "IsDeviceAdvertising" remains false when I use method "StartAdvertising".

The BLE extension version is 20200828 and the device is Android 10 mobile phone.

I would be really appreciated if there is any help. Thank you.


for a more recent BLE extension.

Hello! Thank you for your reply. After updateing the latest version of BLE extension, the advertising problem remains. Here are my blocks:

When I test in AI2 Campanion, the value of "IsDeviceAdvertising" remains false no matter how I click button1. Would you mind to help me with it? Thank you.
Device Information: Oneplus5 Android 10.
BLE Extension Version: 20201223