Alarms within cryptocurrency app

Hey, everyone. I have painted myself in quite a corner. I have an assingment to create a cryptocyrrency app. I have 8 screens, including 1 Settings screen (also 1 opening screen, 1 quick overview screen and others are screens for individual currencies). Anyway, I' required to make a menu that will allow user to set an alarm when the price reaches a level upper and/or lower. How do I do that? The alarms should acoustic, visual, vibrating and verbal. These settings are meant to be configurable. Verbal is fine, I figured the text to speech component. I'm still very new to MIT and kinda at my wit's end. Any help will be appreciated.

Where does the price come from? From an API? You probably have to poll that API regularly to get the current price and then check, if the level was reached...

You can use the modified notification style extension to send a notification

Get it running while the app is up and running, later you can think about getting it running in the background using itoo Open Source • Background Tasks: Itoo


I checked my API collection at

and found no web service for monitoring cryptocurrencies.

Dividing your app up into 8 screens will complicate it.

Stick to a single API with a wide selection of currencies, and select your currencies from a list.

Thanks for all the answers!

@Taifun data comes from an API and it is automatically refreshed, I'm not sure though how to push notification regardless of the screen. For example if I have user currently viewing screen 1, but data on screen 2 has just been refreshed. Is there any way to achieve this without storing data in db? I tried global variable but it turned out to be "screen" variable more than gobal.

@ABG unfortunately this is crucial for my project to be devided onto 8 screens :(.

It looks like you are not familiar with virtual screens, see also tip 1 here