About Translating App Inventor

App Inventor relies on the community to provide translations in a wide variety of languages. If your language is missing or incomplete, please consider signing up to be a translator!

We crowd source our translations using weblate. In order to translate, please create an account on our weblate server here: https://weblate.appinventor.mit.edu

After you have created an account, notify me so that I can grant you permission to translate. You can do that here, in a private message, or via email (srlane@mit.edu).

We have a video tutorial on how to use weblate here: https://youtu.be/VFwTn32MrBw

When new features are added or text is changed in App Inventor, those new strings must be added to weblate, and translators can then update those strings in their languages.

Last weblate update: February 29 2024

The more translators we have, the more likely it is that we can publish your language. Please feel free to invite friends and associates with expertise in your language to participate.


Is the crowd-sourced translation effort still going on? I requested translation permissions about a month ago and have still received no answer.


@AyProductions do you know who is administrating it or who should I contact for getting translation permissions? I already wrote to @Susan_Lane but never got an answer.

You can contact @MIT or weblate.

Thanks @AyProductions

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@MIT can anybody help me with this?

Well, I cannot guarantee that they will answer. I forgot to mention this :sweat_smile:.

@MIT Pleas respond to @kosme's question.

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Sorry folks, I went on vacation and then caught COVID, so I haven't been responsive.I'm on it now.

Hi, I am still waiting for permission to translate. My username is kosme

You should have permission now.

Hi Susan,

I want to translate App Inventor into Slovenian language. I already register on Weblate.


I have registered, please for permissions. patryk84a

I can't see Bengali language there. Can you add Bengali language, so we (Bangladeshi) can translate to Bengali (bn) language.

Do you have permission to translate? You must first create an account and tell me so that I can grant you permission. If you have already done that, there is a button to add a language at the bottom of the list of translated language for each component.

It's useful to watch the tutorial video linked in the post above.

We would be delighted to have a Bengali translation.