Calling all translators: Weblate updated Feb-29-2024

Our crowdsourced translation resource, weblate, was updated February 29 to reflect new features and changed strings in App Inventor. This strings will appear in English until our wonderful volunteer translators can update our translations.

If you are interested in translating App Inventor, you can learn more here: About Translating App Inventor

Please note that I have to be notified when a translation update is ready for review and release. Changes to weblate do not roll into app inventor automatically.


There we go again!

It goes on forever, unless we stop adding features.

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Let's hope then that it will be forever...

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I wanted to work on Polish. User patryk84a.

I granted you access.

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'add items to list' translation bug:
when it's in the drawer, it's ok:

but after drag out to the workspace, it's like:

Huh. That does look like a bug. I'll take a look.