Catalan language available for review

Jaume_Dellunde has provided a Catalan translation of App Inventor. I have it available to look at on a test server here:

NOTE: This translation has been approved.


Great job, thanks Jaume!


Thanks a lot Jaume, it will be very useful!

2 Likes has been updated with some more changes for the Catalan translation.

Nice :+1:

Just this image 'Report An Issue' button redirects to which does not exist. It should redirect to

That's just because it's a test server. The translations won't affect that functionality in production.


The Catalan translation has been approved, and I expect it to be available in our next release.

It can continue to be updated, but updates might take longer to release.

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Bon día.
Aquesta traducció d'Inventor al català, està basada en la traducció que vaig fer l'any 2016 mitjançant la pàgina, ara inexistent,

Aquesta va ser la petició per a pujar al servidor central la traducció al català d'AppInventor.

(emails removed by mod, please use Message instead)

I write this message to ask you to do the load, to the central server, the translation into Catalan of App Inventor to check for errors in interpretation.

I see there are three files in the translations into other languages: OdeMessages, _messages and another file called OdeUpdate that I have not. Who provides this file ? I've created from the French version, I made the translation into Catalan and then when I try to upload it gives me an error. Is it right what I've done?

Thanks in advance,


I'm not sure I understand the question. The Catalan translation was released and can be viewed here:

We did migrate away from pootle. For a couple of years, we used Google Translator Toolkit until Google started charging for the service. Now we used a self-hosted weblate server ( Wherever possible, we migrated existing translation work to the new services. I don't know specifically about Catalan.

If you would like to update the existing translation, please take a look at the pinned post in this topic: About the Translating App Inventor category