Where are the BluetoothLE extension documents. More info link says is obsolete

The link BluetoothLE "More information" take me to

There I get this
This page is obsolete. For information on MIT App Inventor Internet of Things (IOT) go to: The Internet of Things: Data Acquisition and Analysis

Any link please.

Take a look here:

The same,.. obsoletes links.
BLE Docs
BLE Extension docs

I´m looking for members references.

This is awful.

The link from the Designer hooked to the BLE extension (?) drops the ball.

Fortunately, individual blocks still have their tool tips in the Blocks Editor.

Thanks @ABG,
that is useful to me.

Best regards

...which is dedicated to the BBC microbit :upside_down_face:

The pdf is just a snapshot of the obsolete web page with no BLE Extension info at all. Although we have tool-tips for the Blocks, firstly many are not easy to understand and secondly you will still have no idea how to setup the range of Blocks necessary for your project.

I found copies of the tool tips embedded in the BLE .aix (really a Zip) file.

The .json files could be fed to a JSON browser app while proper docs get sorted out.

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