The good old DX error

Hi folks,

I do face problems with my Ai2 project since some weeks.

I have a quite big project, many hundreds of hours of work went into it.
It works fine, but for the last 2 weeks, whenever I add some blocks to my project, i receive the "good old" DX error.
From searching the community forum, I know that this is not easy to resolve, but today I have the next strange thing regarding this DX error:

I have created today two tiny procedures "looks_like_symbol" and "looks_like_isin":

If i build the apk, it fails due to the DX error.
If i disable one of those two procedures, it works. Hereby it dos not matter which of the two I disable.
Just both procedures active at the same time does not work.

It is so strange.
What is wrong with those procedures?

Any clu?

Kind regards

Can you please upload the .aia here?

I'll look at the entire code, and attempt to fix it.

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I PMed you...

Oliver, how about sharing it here, since you may be having more views on the issue.

Since, method is just a just a dry stuff, they get activated once there are called by someone to know more about the someone, the calling part we need to look who is calling with what parameter.

Here is something more you can refer,

This sounds like the case of the straw that broke the camel's back.

It's not about the individual piece of straw.

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I do not want to distribute my AIA here openly, to be honest. Hope for your understanding.

Yes, I have read this monster list several times, but bottomline it does not guide me to the point where I would understand what is wrong and what I would need to change.

Hi @ABG ,
this is what I also fear.
I have to say, it endagers my trust in the AI development environment, as this error is so vage... what is that supposed to be: "Error in DX, not because of an issue in your coding"
How can I feel comfortable in developing my project further if I always have to fear that shitty error message?
And obviously one cannot deep-dive into that error to find out what the server really complains about.
Well, yes, my project is maybe large, containing only ONE screen and this screen holds 13.100 blocks, but is that so un-common?
I am quite frustated.
Open for any ideas / hints.
Bye, Oliver

Have you tried building on yet?

Yes, i have brought my project over to the Code Server, but same behaviour there.

But i was actually wondering, what is the difference on the code Server anyway?

It's based on Amazon servers, with longer time slices allocated to service requests, at more $ cost to MIT.

To preserve your investment, I recommend getting the browser extension from our Blocks Editor FAQ and downloading block images of all the procedures and events in your project, for recoverability into a fresh project.

Ah, wow. Thats maybe an interesting approach that you recommend. I have never thought of starting over again in a new Project (apart from downloading Aia and uploading it again).
I think i have this Extension already and I saw the function to download PNG Files of the blocks.
But would that mean i would need to re-build all the screen elements in the Designer?

And can you explain please why this "start over" would maybe solve my problem better that doing the aia export /re-import? Is there a technical reason behind your recommendation to choose that way?

Thanks, Oliver

The Designer has Copy (Ctrl-C) and Paste (Ctrl-V) capabilities at various levels, from Screen through Arrangement down to individual component. The exports can be stored as Notepad text files, and reloaded from those later if you like.

Having fine grained backup of draggable components and blocks gives you the capability of manipulating parts of your work outside your original project.

Fine grained reloadable exports can be used for risk management, like not having all your eggs in one basket.

You still have a ton of code, but now can shovel gravel instead of boulders.

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Thank you, Abraham, that actually gives me back some hope to overcome my problem.
Will try this weekend and will let you know.

usually the error means, you have too much of something in your blocks... (by @Boban)
for example if you have too much blocks in a screen, try to split it into 2 screens...


What i did now: I reduced texts that i had in some Text blocks and put them into a CSV file that i read at startup.
That reduced not significantly the amount of blocks (i think only 10 text blocks are gone now), but the amount of Text.
Now it works again, even with my two tiny procedures activated.

Thanks for your help!

But still i need to say that i mistrust the AI2 development environment, as i do not know WHEN and for What REASON the DX error might come again if I go on making add-ons to my project.

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The root cause of the DX error is too many triggers in an app.

So the basic way to get rid of this error that belongs to you is to generalize or summarize all your triggers like the block below.


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Hi Profi,
I did that. I replaced 12 single WhenButton.Click triggers with 1 AnyButton.Click trigger and after that change I now receive the DX error agin (which recently before that change I did not receive anymore) - all very strange.
KR, Oli

It's been a long time since your last article, I think you are having a problem with your internet connection.

Try a few more times, it will work.

I worked so hard on the solution of this issue that it is no longer a problem for me. If you can upload a picture of the blocks I'll check it out.