Telegram & Mit app inventor question

Hi, Sorry if I make this request but I have a question, It is possible to send a message to a chat id (mine saved messages) on telegram by doing the login in my mit app inventor app? I would like to insert a textbox and a button where I can put the username and the message to send to someone


You will have to start by studying the Telegram API and see if you can find your answer there. Never done it myself.

You can use this free extension,
You can open profiles, but you need to type the message in Telegram only.

Else you can follow above method recommended by peter

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Thanks, I know how they works because I already use it in one of my Python projects using Pyrogram, but I don't know how to connect the api of telegram to my app

I'll try it thanks

Usually you use the web component for this assuming Telegram provides a RESTful API


Thank you but sorry, can you show me only by 1 block how can it works? Only if you can, thanks

Tell us what you get working so we can add it to the collection.