Target API level 31

There are several network checking extensions available for AI2, or you can do it just with blocks

You should really be asking this on the Kodular community, there are several topics about API31...

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If you still dont know how to sign, you can use

and select "use java key on google play" and follow instructions.

Create a key in aab signer app and add a password.
Upload the key to your computer from Phone/Downloads/File Signer/Keys
and the signed aab From Phone/Downloads/File Signer/Signed.

Once your java key is done, you can upload your app on google play. It should work.

The key should be the same as it was for me.

google play console*

Hi, i´m still having problems with Play Console.
I watched this video (Fixed Android 12 Apk/AAB Update or Upload Problem in Playstore Of Kodular, Niotron App Inventor etc - YouTube) and i´ve done what Thunder-thing said. But Play Console recognize my aab file as an incorrect zip file

Hope somebody can help me:(

@Genaro_Cardenas With which builder (AI2, Niotron, Kodular, ...) did you create your app?

If you are using AI2 see here:

How long will we wait,, Why didn't you modify it directly? I use ai2 because it is low code and I don't understand much in other programs,, I hope that it will be back as it was and we will download the application directly without problems and all these steps

Did the apk file worked on your phone?

Yes it works, but when i upload my converted aab file it sends me an error that says that i´ve uploaded an incorrect zip file

Has anyone tried AI2 Offline? I use it on a daily basis on a working project but I have not publish anything in the last 2 months. AI2 Offline says it addresses API 31.

Yes, the latest version (4.3.2) targets SDK 31.
But you need to add


in the Manifest also for extensions (if necessary).

A simple way to check this is to build the APK and test it on an Android 12 device. If that works, everything is ok. Otherwise, you must edit the Manifest.

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What software did you used to create aab?
because the aab may be corrupted, try to recreate aab from apk or try to recreate the apk with apk easy tool

I used an app from Play Store called APK to AAB Converter

I´ll try that. Thank you.

Hello, big hug to all.

My first post here.

I did all the steps of the Thunder-thing post and went to the end.
more when publishing the .aab to my google account.

This is an error.

The Android App Bundle has not been signed.

alguna respuesta con respecto a poder cargar una nueva app con api 31???

MIT hoped to have the Android api 31 update by the end of August. It will be deployed and available whenever the software receives approval from Google and the release is ready.

When the software is updated, you will find a notice here Release Notes for MIT App Inventor 2 .

There are alternatives to waiting for the official release:

  • Try Anke's advice Target API level 31 - #9 by Anke

  • Code your commercial apps in Android Studio or Delphi Community Edition, or B4A instead of a great compiler intended principally for educational purposes and experimentation.

MIT makes ever effort to make App Inventor available for all developers as soon as possible. Sometimes its self imposed goals and deadlines are delayed.

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Try the test server (which already taegets SDK 31).

Do I pay someone to solve this problem, someone willing?