How many days to Launch Android api 31 to update

How many days to Launch Android API 31 to update my app is not support the play console?

It is anticipated the next App Inventor update will be within the next two days. That means the compiler should produce api 31 friendly code. :slight_smile: depending on Google's approval of the new Companion.

Is it true? API 31 will be updated in the next 2 days?

That's the target, cannot be a promise though, some big changes were required.

  1. Export keystore from AI2
  2. import it to the AI2 test server
  3. import your project (aia) with the same project name in the AI2 test server
  4. set the VersionCode to n+1
  5. (build the APK and check if it is possible to be installed on Android 12; if not → report)
  6. build the AAB
  7. upload the AAB to the Play Developer console as an internal test track (internal testing)
  8. wait for the Pre-Launch report (1-2 hours)
  9. if there are no errors / warnings, download the APK from the Play Developer console
  10. test this APK on your test devices
  11. if there are (also) no issues, release the app as a production version.

See also here and read the entire thread.

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The SDK 31 update will be coming at the end of the month, most likely. The SDK 31 update is available for testing at if you would like to help test. You will want to import any relevant projects as well as your keystore from the production server if you are going to do that.

The update coming in the next few days is to address changes in Google Chrome and related browsers that will break App Inventor companion connectivity in October and also allow us to transition to serving App Inventor over HTTPS.

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hopefully this week, depending on Google Play Store review according to MIT.

means regard as probable; expect or predict, it does not mean "will be updated". Perhaps I should have said soon? and should not have been so specific (perhaps few instead of 2) . See Evan's note.

Buenas, yo también estoy intentando subir una app .aab al playStore y me dice lo mismo, que debo tener el nivel de la API al 31. Alguien sabe lo que hay que hacer o si eso será una actualización y se actualizara sola cuando este disponible (¿si es así como se sabe que esta la actualización lista?, y mientras tanto que se puede hacer para subir una app?). Muchas gracias.

@Eykeway Read this: How many days to Launch Android api 31 to update - #5 by Anke

This is what MIT said recently.


buenas noches, tal vez saben algo sobre la actualizacion?? ya que no lo logro por ningun medio publicar mi app.... :frowning:

MIT hoped to have the Android api 31 update by the end of August. It will be deployed and available whenever the software receives approval from Google and the release is ready.

When the software is updated, you will find a notice here Release Notes for MIT App Inventor 2 .

There are alternatives to waiting for the official release:

  • Try Anke's advice Target API level 31 - #9 by Anke

  • Code your commercial apps in Android Studio or Delphi Community Edition, or B4A instead of a great compiler intended principally for educational purposes and experimentation.

MIT makes ever effort to make App Inventor available for all developers as soon as possible. Sometimes its self imposed goals and deadlines are delayed.

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Did you try the test server?

Tu Android App Bundle está firmado con una clave incorrecta. Asegúrate de que se firme con la clave de firma adecuada y vuelve a intentarlo. Se espera que el App Bundle se firme con el certificado que contiene la huella digital

SHA1: 44:91:AC:33:D9:06:B8:44:8B:27:B4:EE:FA:7C:08:1C:8C:CD:AC:7A

, pero el que se usó para firmar el App Bundle que subiste contiene la huella digital

SHA1: 65:3C:3D:10:24:33:E2:D9:09:33:71:B7:BC:2C:29:BA:E3:56:38:9C



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Também estou com o mesmo problema. Vou aguardar o MIT solucionar a atualização do Appinventor.

If you use the test server while we are working on the update, you need to export your keystore from ai2 and then import it into ai2-test. The two systems are different and the first time you build on ai2-test it will generate a keystore for you, but obviously it won't match the one you had on ai2. By exporting and then importing you will ensure that you have the right keys in place when building.

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ya lo he intentado, desde el servidor de produccion se compila el .apk y el .aab normalmente, pero, descargo el archivo .aia y lo exporto al servidor de prueba y al momento de compilar el .aab se queda colgado en la barra de espera (adjunto foto). he probado con diferentes archivos .aia y pasa lo mismo...

Create a new almost empty project with only one button and try to build the AAB.
Does it work? If so, maybe there is a problem with the size of your other aia or the number of assets.

How big is your project (aia) and how many assets are there?

si me funciono creando una nueva app con un solo boton.
aparte trate de subir otros archivos .aia que si funcionan perfectamente en el servidor de produccion, pero, al momento de subirlo al de pruebas me sale este error....