Specify different color for the current day only in day list items!

I am trying to specify different color for the current day day list items !!
I could manage to replace the number that located in the current date/index
But can I change it's background colour only


Any Help greatly appreciated

Assuming you want to display your list items in a label.....

In designer, tick the HTMLFormat checkbox for the label

Try these blocks

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Thank you ...... But!!!

That's seems professional and fantastic but unfortunately didn't work for m

e :thinking: :thinking:

I am wondering why?

Oh .....Wow.....

It's actually working
When I tried it on a mobile device it works
but in the emulator doesn't seem can read HTML properly

So grateful

MIT's emulator is really old.
For more modern ones, see

Wow........highly appreciated ....Thank you so much

Very Helpful Than you so much

To make the topic more beneficial
Q: How to add this list (column) to an existed list which was fed from csv files already ?


Maybe just read this sample?

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How do you mean, it is already in a list...or do you want the html content added to items in a list as well? The issue would be that when the current day changes, the list will no longer be correct?

Guys Please forgive my above silly Q
Doesn't seem clear enough

What I meant
Say I want to create a table of diet organising, contains what to eat every day from the day 1 to the day 31 of the month as follows
day 1: Apple, avocado, oats, almond milk, etc
day 2: Salad, nuts, tuna, egg........ etc

I want the app to highlight the day as well as the whole row so that I can reach what I should eat easily

I hope it's clearer now

Thank you for patient

The Clock component (from the Sensors drawer) has blocks to extract the day of month from Click1.Now() block.

You can use that as an index into a list of daily prescriptions, loaded from a text file in the Media folder (//filename.txt) at startup.

When the file arrives (File1.GotText) split it at \n and load it into a global Prescriptions list.
To get a prescription for a day(1-31):
select item Day from list Prescriptions.

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Thank you so much for the prompt reply and comprehensive information
However for a beginner like me I will find it not easy to figure out this appreciated explanation
If you got free time I will be grateful if you create a very simple example in aia format

But with no doubt your response was great thanks

Start with the free book ...

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Hi again
Unfortunately despite the solution was perfect but I am seeking advice on two issues :slight_smile:

  1. The above doesn't seem working in all devices, I've tried the app on samsung galaxy note 3 (old device) android version 6, and didn't display the highlighted day

  2. I would like to highlight the whole row not only the inline span but the text background of the block behind the text (hope it's clear)
    I trust your powerful experience and
    Looking forward to hearing from you guys :pray:

In answer to 2

Set the label width to Automatic
add three " " to each side of the item

to keep the width constant, you may want to add a 0 to numbers 1-9 (after the test), and use a monospace font

In answer to 1

Not had a chance to test on a < android 7 device, yet....but also check your companion is up to date, try compiled app ?

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Man you are amazing
I will try it and get back to you
Thank you so much

Tested on a 5.1 device (API 22) and neither span or background-color work as html modifiers in a label

However, if you do it like this:

then your date numbers from 1-9 will have a 0 added

I have now reworked this to use three labels
( gives an empty label at the top or bottom for day 1 and day 31 respectively )

changeItemColour3Labels.aia (5.2 KB)

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