Some tips when porting App to iOS

Currently porting a published and working Android Application: Suntain:

I am sharing some tips, issues to other developpers:
-1- Looks like "Classic" theme should NOT be used. However, it is the one selected by default. Should switch to "Use Device Default "
-2- Check that the Application is not using a "not yet supported" feature. Check here: I faced this pb using MakeInstantFromMillis
-3- Check you are not using extension
-4- Make sure you create a mobile provisioning profile, see: Building Apps for iOS with MIT App Inventor
-5- Scroll not working for full screen. Workaround (Thanks to @Anke ) is to use VerticalScrollArrangement see: Scrolling Screen Issue in iOS - #12 by Anke

When switching from Companion to built App .ipa, other limitations are arising
-A- Screen Initialize should NOT be used (see: Screen Initialize not working with built iOS App .ipa. Timer should be used to initialize the App
-B- Consequence of the above: Layout is not initialized according to values provided in Designer screen. All layout info (size, position, ...) must be done in Blocks with the proper instructions.

Note that a number of these things are bugs in the build system that we will work out. I wouldn't recommend making significant changes to your apps for iOS builds given that this is still beta software.

Yes, this was to help current dev.
I am waiting for the next release fixing these issues
Any date for the final (or new Beta) release?

Most of these issues fixed in 2.64.6-3 version (22 March 2024) :slight_smile:

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