Scrolling Screen Issue in iOS

I detect that the scrolling screen parameter is not running in iOS.
The iai file:

Test with login = 12345. And the screen is not scrolling.
NOMIS_CPv1_4_lite_2.aia (574.7 KB)


This issue hasn't been fixed till today, as of 2 Oct 2022. Even though I checked the scrollable box on every screen, my phone (iPhone 7 IOS 15.6) failed to scroll. However, I was able to scroll with the same project on my Android 6 phone.

Who has the time to go through dozens of nested arrangements and 6500 blocks?
Create a simple test aia that shows the problem.



Scroll is not working with my Phone 7, iOS 15.8

Post a simple test aia.

Nothing with responsive is running in iOS. I have wrrte several workarounds to solve the integrited of Andorid and iOS. See you:

I had solved all the issues with 'special' workarounds to have the same .aia file running good between iOS and Android.

Now, I have only the problem with the generation of IPA files (Ad Hoc). The same AIA is running well in the iOS-Companion but the IPA file is wrong to run it.

Here is a small test aia prog:

Project is here:
Test_Scroll.aia (9.9 KB)

OK with Android, but No scroll on iPhone (depending on screen size, number of lines may be increased to perform the test)

I have the same problem. Solution: Design the App to have only a hight screen for small iPhones.

In your App you can ask if the user smartphone is Android or iOS. For iOS you need to wtrite special dimmensions for layputs, screens, labels, etc. ... and others workarounds for others issues of compability Andorid-iOS.

Don't be so negative, there is some issues with iOS, but it is a huge effort MIT is doing to make it happen.
It is still Beta version, and we should accept it is not perfect yet

Try this one:
Test_Scroll2.aia (10.2 KB)

Yes, it is scrolling. I assume it is because you have chosen a VerticalScrollArrangement.
So, full screen is not scolable, but it is possible to do it using VerticalScrollArrangement
Thanks for this workaround

I don't think it's a workaround, but standard, because why would you want to scroll the entire screen. This is only necessary / helpful in order to be able to reach / see elements in the designer that are otherwise hidden.

Who says otherwise?