Screen Initialize not working with built iOS App .ipa

Screen Initialize not working for me with iOS built .ipa Ad Hoc App, OK with Companion.

Here is the small test App: Just a label initialized when Screen1.Initialize:
When running the App on iPhone, getting error: invoke: unable to invoke method 'environment' in object of type #!null. Irritants:()
Label is not updated
Screen Initialize not implemented: Irritants error + not executed ?
Here is the very small test App
Test_ScreenInitialize.aia (9.4 KB)

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I had already pointed out this problem some time ago. So the MIT team should know.

See here:

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Hello @Anke
Why is running well with iOS Companion and not with IPA file And Hoc?
The builder will be the same. I don't understand it.

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There are countless reasons for this. Furthermore, there are of course also significant differences between Companion and the compiled app on Android.

@ewpatton is possible to have the same results with iOS-Companion ant the .IPA files?

I claim not for little differences, for example on layouts designs. I claim for a big problems, for example to have fatal errores whith the .IPA files and all good n iOS Companion.

Thanks a lot @Anke
I'll add this tip to Some tips when porting App to iOS

One more question, Title is not Displayed with .ipa while with Companion, it displayed in the top screen blue part. I am using Device Default Theme

OK, I understand that it is still Beta version with some potential issues. For info, I am using a old iPhone 7 with iOS 15.8.
I know it is a huge work to make it (Thanks to @ewpatton )available on iOS .I am following this activity since few years, waiting for it!, And I think it is time to do it and participate to this Beta testing

As Screen Initialize cannot be used, if I understand well, the default values of the different components provided in the Designer screen are not used and I have to initialize the components in the Timer.
I am currently using "Fill parents" feature to organize my App layout, but this "Fill Parents" feature is not available in the Block screen. E.g set Label width to Fill Parents ?

-2 for "Fill parent" and -1 for "Automatic"


Great! Is it documented somewhere? I do not see it in the help