Random "Irritants"

I am facing random "Irritants" while porting my Suntain App to iOS.
This is the most difficult type of pb to be debugged as it is random: sometimes it works, sometimes it fails (I made customer support during my career, and I was always asking customer to provide a "simple" test case where the bug always appears!)
The random pb I get are:

In order to try to identify the root cause, I started removing features one by one from my App, and also try start from scratch and add one by one the feature, but as the error is random (increasing probability when app starts to be more complex....) I am unable to identify what is causing the pb

I can share my aia project (working fine with Android and available on Google Play), but as it is very big, you cannot spend too much time to dig in all the blocs.

Any idea on how I could identify the problem? and debug it?

I do not use extensions, and not Screen1 Initialize, I also started to list what I found when porting an App to iOS to help other developpers here: Some tips when porting App to iOS

Thanks a lot for your help

Debugging this certainly is going to be challenging. In particular, it seems like there may be empty sockets somewhere or something. The (quote) primitive usually precedes some other name, e.g., 'Button1 or (quote Button1). As for the first error, somehow you are creating a null value, which native arrays in iOS do not like to store. We work pretty hard to architect App Inventor to not return a null value at the blocks layer since they can be difficult for non computer science people to reason about (also computer science people, but we won't admit that....).

If you want to message me the AIA privately I can try to see what we can figure out on our end.

Thanks a lot for your fast feedback.
As we cannot use Screen1 Initialize, I need to init all the label, size and position in blocs, do I also need to do it for the buttons .... I'll try to do it and see what happens.
What is the right way to provide you privetly my aia app ?

If you're talking about compiled apps, this is a bug that I'm working to fix. The Initialize event should be working fine in the companion app.

You can send it to me attached to a private message in this forum.

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I am still struggling to have this problem fixed.. Anybody facing the same issue?
I definitively need help and willing to help as far as I can
Thanks a lot

Send me the aia (or a simple test aia) via PM.

Where you have the error. In the Companion-iOS or in the IPA file?

The error is when using the companion and IPA file

I have solved my limitations first which the iOS-Companion and Normal server AI2 (not iOS server) and after other additional limitations with the iOS server and IPA. At the end I have running the same AIA in Android and iOs whit 9800 blocks (only extra 80 blocks to have compatibility between Android and iOS, (basically to put fix dimensions layouts, labels and buttons).

Did you face random "Irritants" while porting your App to iOS? How did you fixed them? (or was it only layout / size issues)

On iOS I only had errors due to dimensions of layouts, labels and textbox and similar minor errors. The irritating errors (except for the initialization sequence in the IPAs) are normally due to poorly programmed block errors that I had and detected in Android (I solve them with Companion-Android by putting an auxiliary message blocks along the app, or where you think you have the problem, and until the auxiliary message appears and if the irritating error).