Scrolling graph

I have managed to produce a simple graph in my app using WebViewer and it works just fine. I collect only one data point per day but after 100 plus days its just a mess to look at

I am wondering if there is a way to spread out the points and be able to scroll through them?

What are you using to draw your graph?

sorry ... edu.mills.appinventor.ChartMaker.aix

If you make a Google chart directly, you can set the width.

Look near the bottom of the List Blocks pallette.

There is a block that lets you extract a segment of a list, one end open and the other end closed.

You can use that as a sliding window to feed just a part of your data to whatever chart component you use.

There are also filter blocks, where you can choose your own criterion for extracting a new list from your upstream data, like every tenth point.

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Make the container of the chart wider than the screen?

Are you meaning one of these?

No, this one:
or this one:

With ChartMakerPlus try this:

using your bigger dataset, adjust your width values accordingly

Ok this is the graph I have:

125 points is impossible to read. I collect 1 point per day approximately

I did this:

I had 1000 px which changed nothing so I tried 100 and still nothing

Impossible to see from your blocks image as to what settings you have..

yes sorry .. I am editing it

it appears I need to update my png editor :upside_down_face:

You can set Webviewer's width as 2 x screen1. Width

thanks @Kevinkun but I am wanting to be able to scroll and see up to 1,000 points

you can add 2 buttons, like LEFT and RIGHT

first show points from 1 to 50(?),
when right.clicked,
show points from 2 to 51, then 3 to 52, then 4 to 53

same to left button.

You can use the SLICE LIST as @ABG mentioned.

good point. Seems simple and efficient

Figured it out with ChartMakerPlus:

You will need to adjust the value of width, left and height accordingly

@Kevinkun @TIMAI2 @ABG

I am attempting to show 20 points of data at a time.
I built an algorythim to move segments left and right using Index1 and Index2 global variables.

I cannot get it to display. This is what I have

Use 'Segment ' block on a list? Try use 'Slice ' block from list drawer.

Doesn't work at all. As in blank screen :frowning: