ScreenRecorder: An extension for screen recording

hey, its not working in android 11

Please provide more information.

I used the condition in the image you sent, there is no any error but it did not record, it notify me that the app is running but when i click the stop button its not working

So you tried to find the mp4 file, right?
Try to use the path to play video in video player in your app natively.

it is working on android 8 but in 11 it is not.

This feature to view asd of other apps and index their content was removed in Android 10.
Save recording to a different dir. Look at the output file property.

i downloaded the apk file on the gdrive u sent in this site, it is working without error in any android version. can i take a look on what code block in it?

Read the topic to find aia file.

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how can i change the directory?

i used all the aia file here, but in cannot work on android 11

i try this its not working on android 11


still not working in android 11 is my problem.

hello how can it works in android 11, give some condition
hello this the codeblocks

I expect you to check this post before I reply your questions further.

And, if you want me to provide ready-made blocks then I am sorry to say I'll not provide that until you try something yourself. I have already provided a sample aia to work with and to give app developers an introduction to the extension. Hope you'll understand what I want to emphasize.


okay okay. thank you sir

thank you po sir, im only a beginner in this mit app inventor. guess what ive found the solution hehe. more update sir

Good eve sir, i have concern again regards on extention of LogReader. where i could find it?

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thank youuu