ScreenRecorder: An extension for screen recording

You will have to refresh the gallery.

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hi @vknow360
now l have this problem again

and this is my new .aia project: piano_new.aia (0.5 MB)

Please read:

Sorry @vknow360 .
here are the blocks:
variable «num»

variable «path»

variable «place»

other blocks (that I don't uploaded there images) were for my other parts of my project and there are not using the extension.

Try with a simple path:

ok, I will try it. but I want the recording to save in gallery app/ a new "piano recordings" album/ piano1.mp4 and if piano1.mp4 is already exist, piano2.mp4 and if piano2.mp4 is already exist, ...

If piano1.mp4 exist then block required is:


This method might not work always. If it worked for you, please let me know by replying


Yow man where can i find the aia file in this project ? Can u reply the aia file ? I'm trying to update the extension but still i got error

You will find an example aia project in post #11


Are you looking for ... ?


I use this but still i got error in external

Hi @Aldrin_Ace_Dimaranan ,
Please tell us more about the error you are facing.

I still got this error even i enable the permission my phone is android 11

This permission has been removed in Android 11.
Do not ask for the permission and save the video in ASD or a shared directory.

Can u give me an example ?

You can put a condition before asking for write external storage permission.

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hey, its not working in android 11

Please provide more information.

I used the condition in the image you sent, there is no any error but it did not record, it notify me that the app is running but when i click the stop button its not working

So you tried to find the mp4 file, right?
Try to use the path to play video in video player in your app natively.