Saving blocks as snippets of code in onenote

The backpack allows me to copy blocks between projects but the contents disappears when I close the project. I was after something more permanent, my current solution follows.

Can anyone point me to an alternative mechanism.

create a page "blocks" in notepad with three columns

Save a block as a "snippet" in onenote
right click block in app inventer
Download block as png
rename the blocks.png file to something meaningful, i.e. block_timer.png
click and drag the file to a new cell in onenote - this drops the image into the cell
click on the adjacent cell in onenote to select it
select Attach file and select block_timer.png
add a comment in the next adjacent cell

I end up with the image from the png in one cell and the file for that image in the adjacent cell and a description in the next adjacent cell

I can then click drag and drop the file from one note into any project opened at blocks and the copied block appears.

is this a question or tutorial?

I use [Chrome Extension] AI2Helper - download all blocks seperately and remove all orphan blocks with one click
for bulk downloads into a Dropbox folder for the project.


You ask, is this a question or tutorial? A bit of both, it's what I thought of doing and I ask is there something else, Your extension may be what I want.

ABG also answered and pointed toward your AI2Helper, thanks ABG,

I have installed that extension and whilst I can get the 5 options to display. I cannot work out how to use that extension to operate on the block,

  • Drag and drop of the block to the extention does not work,
  • ctrl\v of clipboard to extention does not work
  • download of block works I get on a file on the PC but the extension seems to have no effect on that file

Thanks for the response, I have installed the extension but have not yet worked out how to make it do anything, See my response to KevinKun.

The browser extension is for download to your PC, one direction only.

It drops block images into the last folder where you told AI2 to download something, for example an .aia export.

It does not do anything for loading blocks images into the Ai2 blocks editor.

Its Find facility is handy too.

Other browser extensions for AI2 are collected at

Regarding your OneNote storage scheme, it looks like you got to store commentary with the blocks images, and the storage facility does not try to compress the images and lose the internals that support re-entry into the Blocks Editor.

I have tried embedding downloaded Blocks Images in Google Docs as in Angry Balls V3 Documentation - Google Docs
but the blocks images lose content inside Google Docs (though they can be organized logically in sections accessible in a Table of Contents.)

Github can store blocks images too, without breaking them ...

Recently, I find that publishing a project as a series of posts on this board affords me several advantages ...

  • Hideable sections of text
  • bookmarkable titles in bookmarkable posts
  • free cross language translation for the text
  • blocks images are draggable into the Blocks Editor
  • MIT's dime pays for the online storage and access.
  • open access to the AI2 community

example: Wordle In A Day

Thanks for the feedback.

The image in my scheme is just that an image just drag and drop the file, you get the image but data for later use back into the app inventor, which is why I also have an attached copy of the file which can just be dragged and dropped back into App Inventer, that works a treat, the comment is just my text.

I had considered trying to write an addon for onenote to deal with the renaming of the file and importing of the image and file, but that all seemed to hard.

I am new to app inventor I don't want to reinvent the wheel I was just looking for something that would do what I wanted.

Still trying to get my head around Kevin's extension.

Mean time, am having fun.